Locks come in many different styles, functions and grades. To help meet our customer’s needs Universal Mfg stocks a full line of medium and heavy duty locks. We currently stock locks from Schlage and Hager.

Medium Duty Locks Available

Passage AL10S SAT 626 Schlage
Privacy AL40S SAT 626 Schlage
Office AL53PD SAT 626 Schlage
Storeroom AL80PD SAT 626 Schlage
Passage 3510 WTN 626 Hager
Privacy 3540 WTN 626 Hager
Office 3553 WTN 626 Hager
Storeroom 3580 WTN 626 Hager

Heavy Duty Locks Available

Passage ND10S RHO 626 Schlage
Privacy ND40S RHO 626 Schlage
Office ND53PD RHO 626 Schlage
Storeroom ND80PD RHO 626 Schlage

Other Items Available

L1011 626 Kaba
L1021S 626 Kaba
CL610 626 Code Locks