Door Trim & Auxiliary

We know all about the importance of adding the right finishing touches to your building projects. That’s why we’re proud to offer a full line of trim and auxiliary door hardware products that not only look great, but also provide long-lasting wear in any application. Whatever you need, from pulls to push plates, protection plates, wall and floor stops to flush bolts, and much more--Hager trim and auxiliary products give you great looks and proven durability.

Stock Items Available

Wall stop 236W US26D & US10B
• Floor stop 242F US26D
• Kick down stop 271D US26D
• Push Plate 30S 4 x 16 US28 & US32D
• Pull Plate H33E 4 x 16 US28 & US32D
• Kickplates-many standard sizes in US28, US32D & US10B
• Flush Bolt 282D US26D
• Flush Bolt 283D US26D
• Surface Bolt 275D US26D
• Door Scope DS/1000 Black
• Door Scope DS/2000 Alum
• Door Peep 3310CMP Chrome
• Diamond cut tread plate 24 x 46
• Other items are available